Stan Phillips

Afternoons — 2pm to 7pm 

A little bit about me:

I grew up in Exeter on one of the busiest blocks of Wyoming Avenue, where we had SEVEN places to buy candy!  As a kid I was obsessed with my maps, my Big Wheel and TV. I could barely contain myself when we went from FOUR to EIGHT channels with cable in second grade.  At this point, I was memorizing the TV Guide and making up my own schedules! Thought I wanted to go into TV (programming or behind-the-scenes) in college, but was having WAY too much fun at King’s WRKC.  “You could make a living doing THIS?”.Always a big music fan, it was a good fit.

Worked my way through the college station and part-time on an AM down the street with someone named “Frankie”, and then came here in April 1989 (a month before college graduation). I picked up a full-time airshift a short time later, became Magic’s Music Director in 1992 and was named Program Director in 1997. I’m proud to work with a great team and always want to know what you think of Magic 93.   You can always share your thoughts/opinions with me; I’ll keep them confidential: [email protected]

Also, I :

–have been happily married to Beth since 2002—a former Magic 93 DJ introduced us.  We are the proud parents of Joey (born in the Summer of 2011).
–call my mom every day.
–am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. Maybe someday we’ll win the Super Bowl?

Other things I really like:

Travel.   Favorite vacations—Italy, Hawaii, Bermuda. I’ve seen MOST of the 50 states and my favorite US getaways—New England, Key West, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and New York City and San Francisco.

Golf.    I’m at the point now where I won’t embarrass myself, so that’s sort of an accomplishment isn’t it?  I do like the Outdoors quite a bit and am hoping to get my son to get the bug.

Food.  I’m a novice cook, a decent “griller” but also love to go out.  As a guy, atmosphere isn’t so important, so I’d most certainly recommend a dive if the food is amazing! Favorite foods: sushi, ice cream, Italian hoagies, seafood, pie, Mexican (so many great new restaurants locally), pizza, just about anything Thai and a great steak every so often.    I am trying to be a little more heart healthy these days, but that’s just a part of growing up.

Bargain Shopping.    It really is a sport, you know.

Music. I have a vast CD and Record collection which I’ve been adding to for some twenty-five years thanks to record stores, flea markets and estate sales.   I’m quite partial to soul, early rock n’ roll, jazz, alternative, alt-country and African pop, but really like anything that’s catchy with a good beat.


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