The Salt Barre Gift


Start your year off right with a total body and mind reset at The Salt Barre! Located in Pittston, The Salt Barre’s mission is to help channel a clear perspective and encourage personal power of every individual they serve.

Rinse away anxiety and depression while reducing chronic fatigue and pain with their 60-minute float therapy. Their sensory deprivation tank is light and sound-proof, featuring 800 pounds of medical-grade Epsom salts to help you relax the day away while your body recovers and mind clears! Float Therapy is a great way for friends or couples to relax, or to grab some much needed “alone” time!

Or experience Pittston’s first Himalayan Salt Room with a Salt Therapy Session! This 30-minute session allows you a calm, meditative space to relax as the salts assist in a deeper, clearer breath that helps calm the nervous system. Salt Therapy can improve the skin, stimulate cell regeneration and balance your PH!

Plus The Salt Barre offers Yoga, Barre and Hot Pilates and more! – and you can check it all out with this Sweet Deal! Get a full schedule and learn more at or follow them on social!

Treat yourself .. or your sweet! The Salt Barre in Pittston is a one stop shop for wellness like hot Pilates and yoga, float therapy, massage and more!

Get $50 to spend for only $25 while supplies last at

Official Rules for Enter to Win Salt Barre Gift Cards 2-12 to 2-16


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