CCA Student of the Month

CCA Student of the Month

Meet the student of the month, Catherine!

About Catherine:  Catherine is a junior at CCA. She has been a CCA student for the past five years. During that time she’s taken advantage of the many clubs CCA offers. This year she’s a member if the Anime club.  With her senior year on the horizon, she’s been exploring career Options, which the help of CCA‘s career exploration program.

When not in school, she likes to volunteer around her hometown of Carbondale and spend time with her brothers.


About CCA:
CCA thinks differently about education. CCA believes learning is different from studying, and for that reason children are called “learners” instead of “students.” The focus is finding the keys to unlock your child’s passion for true learning in the areas of greatest interest.

CCA strives to help learners gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to become productive, happy members of their communities as adults.

CCA prepares learners to enjoy success in school, land great jobs in their field of choice and give back to the communities in which they live, work and play.

The goal is for CCA graduates to become the leaders of tomorrow – and contribute to society’s betterment.


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