Enter to Win: Mrs. T’s Pierogy Poems



Magic 93 & Mrs. T’s want YOU to get creative! Submit your Pierogy Poem below, then tune in each Wednesday to hear Frankie & Jocelyn in the Morning recite YOUR poems on the air!

Frankie & Jocelyn will pick TWO poems each Wednesday to read on-air & award those two winners with FREE Mrs. T’s pierogies AND a Mrs. T’s swag bag!

Magic 93 will also show off our winner’s poems on the website page each week during the contest period. ​Contest ends 11:59pm ET on 9/30/22.

Official Rules for Enter to Win Pierogy Poems 9-1 to 9 -30

Potatoes, and onions, and butter galore, pan fried or boiled, you’re sure to want more. Small pockets of heaven you can never resist, no matter how much they go straight to your hips. Picnics, and fairs, and even your kitchen, pierogies for dinner is what will be dishin’. – Gabrielle Z. of Duryea

I’m an old fogey , who loves a good pierogi.  There’s just one that is by far the best, better than all the rest. They really got me on a hook, I can’t wait to cook Ms T’s  pierogis. – Mary Ann F. of Wilkes Barre

I Love PIEROGY in the Fall; I actually once ate them in October in Nepal ! I dined on the beach, just PIEROGY and me; I was so happy and totally filled with GLEE ! I eat PIEROGY without a Care; If I cannot have them I’m in Complete Despair ! I love them best when I’m Alone; Because I want the PIEROGY for all my Own!! Mmmmm, PIEROGY! – Kate C. of Harvey’s Lake

Can’t decide on what’s for dinner? Choose pierogies for a true winner! Just pull them out of the freezer, and you’ll be sure to have a crowd pleaser! A little butter, a little salt, they’ll eat them up and never halt! Yummy yummy in the tummy, Go get some ‘rogies, yummy yummy in the tummy go get some ‘rogies don’t be a dummy! – Megan Z. of Nanticoke

once upon a midnight dreary as i pondered weak and weary searching for the perfect meal looking for the perfect deal pierogies entered into my mind Mrs’s T’s will be the best find i looked to the east, then to the west finally found them, Mrs’s T’s are the best. – Maxine M. of Mountaintop

Pierogi for dinner? I think that I will. In a pan with some butter? Oh what a thrill. Fancy side dishes? There is simply no need. The star of the show? Mrs. T’S Pierogies, Indeed! – Terri J. of Moosic


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