Stan Phillips

Middays 10am to 3pm

A little bit about me:

I grew up in Exeter on a busy block where we had SEVEN places to buy candy! As a kid I was obsessed with candy, my maps, my Big Wheel and TV. I could barely contain myself when we went from FOUR to EIGHT channels with cable in second grade. At this point, I was memorizing the TV Guide and making up my own schedules! Thought I wanted to go into TV (programming or behind-the-scenes) in college, but was having WAY too much fun at King’s WRKC. “You could make a living doing THIS?” As a big music fan, it was a good fit. I began working at Magic 93 (and sister station WARM) in April 1989 (yikes!).  Still quite shy, I was able to sit in a small room by myself playing music.    There may be a hundred thousand people listening at any moment, but as long as I didn’t see them all I might be OK.

After doing loads of fill-ins, regular shifts, night news on WARM, traffic reports from the road and just about everything else – I became Magic’s Music Director in 1992 and was named Program Director in 1997. I’m proud to work with a terrific team of pros that hopefully make Magic 93 your favorite radio station.   You can always share your thoughts/opinions with me; I’ll keep them confidential: stan (at)

I’ve been happily married to Beth since 2002 (a former Magic DJ introduced us).  In 2011, we became the proud parents of Joey.   Parenting a little boy a little later in life is exhausting, but the greatest thrill of our lives.   I’ve always been a big fan of movies and TV, but other than sports, news and new favorite “This Is Us”, I can’t keep up as much as I used to.

Time or no time, my obsessions include:

Food (sushi, ice cream, Thai, Italian, Indian, pizza, hoagies, steak, etc.)

The Minnesota Vikings  (first year I became a fan – we made it to the Super Bowl.  That was 1976-77.   we have not been back.)

Travel (favorite places so far — Italy, Hawaii, Bermuda, New England, Key West, , New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Cape May)

Golf  (multiply my age by two and you might find my average on a good day.  🙁   )

Music  (favorites range from The Beatles to Al Green to Vampire Weekend and include dozens of artists most people less obsessive have never heard of).

Outdoors (hiking, swimming, walking, amusement parks, etc.   Nice weather is precious here – no point spending the beautiful days primarily inside).

Vinyl   (I have a vast Record and CD collection and still frequent estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores to make it grow.   There’s something thrilling about finding something that amazes you for a dollar!)

Radio (of course)

I am truly honored to be part of your workday.  Thank you for making Magic 93 a big part of your life. We sincerely appreciate it.


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