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Nickelodeon actor Michael D. Cohen reveals he transitioned

“Henry Danger” star Michael D. Cohen has gone public with the fact he transitioned from being a woman to a man nearly 20 years ago. The actor, who has portrayed Schwoz on the Nickelodeon series since 2014, talked to Time magazine about his journey. “I was misgendered at birth,” he said. “I identify as male,…MORE

Inside Trump’s Air Force One: ‘It’s like being held captive’

President Donald Trump’s departure for Tokyo on Friday kicks off a summer of global jet-setting that takes him to five separate countries — and confines him to the presidential aircraft for more than 80 hours flying overseas. Not always an eager traveler, Trump has complained in the past about the pace of his foreign travel…MORE

Nico Rosberg: ‘When Mercedes come, they come to win’

Nico Rosberg’s current life is a world away from the career he enjoyed as a Formula One world champion, piloting gas-guzzling race cars to victory at circuits around the world. The German has transformed not only his professional lifestyle but his personal one, too, promoting a sustainable future with the help of his latest venture.…MORE

Kylie Jenner talks Jordyn Woods scandal in new show promo

We finally know what Kylie Jenner thought of that Jordyn Woods scandal. Jenner addresses the drama in a midseason promo for her family’s hit reality series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Earlier this year the former longtime BFFs were at the center of a cheating scandal involving Jenner’s sister Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, who…MORE

Banker gives inside look at why Uber and Lyft IPOs failed to live up to the hype

Uber and Lyft were two of the most highly anticipated IPOs in recent memory. And both were duds. Almost immediately, the ride sharing companies broke below their IPO prices. That’s committing the cardinal sin of the IPO world. The high-profile flops demonstrate the need for money-losing companies to do a much better job explaining how…MORE

Missouri’s governor signs bill that bans abortion after 8 weeks

Missouri’s governor on Friday signed into law a strict anti-abortion bill that prohibits abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. Gov. Mike Parson’s signature makes Missouri the latest state to pass such legislation in the hopes that the Supreme Court’s conservative justices will reconsider Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in the United…MORE