Working Women Wednesday

Working Women Wednesday

Do you know someone “doing it all”? Someone who’s done something tremendous for charity? Someone who has conquered something despite a challenge?
Nominate HER!

Every Wednesday, we will celebrate Working Women Wednesday by picking a woman warrior of the week – we’ll give her a special shout out and award her with something awesome for her efforts!

Congratulations to all of our working women!
Marge B., nominated by Connie D.
Joelle C., nominated by David P.
Tara W., nominated by Deborah W.
Kelley W., nominated Jessica W.
Lynnette L., nominated by Lily & Alex T.
Stephanie G., nominated by Michaelene M.
Michelle R., nominated by Tara K.
Regina S. nominated by JoAnna H.
Linda L. nominated by Stephen L.
Jessica F. nominated by Jessica N.
Diane P. nominated by Rich P.
Melissa W. nominated by Karen
Brenda P. nominated by Marian
Valerie S. nominated by Joan
Liz N. nominated by Andy
Nicole B. nominated by Amylym
Bobbie V. nominated by James
Barbara D. nominated by Joey

Congratulations to Valerie S. (pictured above)!

Brought to you by Ford. We thank Women for going further … Further in their career … Further for their family … and Further in their giving back.
Ford … go further.​



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